We celebrate many connections in our aim to provide a community centre, charity offices and modern church within our walls.  Here are some links to those sharing our space or connected to our activities.  

  • Action Réfugiés Montréal.  One of Quebec's leading charities in the area of refugee care, settlement and policy.  Through our partnership with ARM, we are delighted to have hosted events like the Foundation of Greater Montreal's grant allocations and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees' World Refugee Day. ARM's offices are based at St Jax, via la Porte du Jardin.   

  • Alcoholics Anonymous.  AA is a 12 step recovery group which meets in cities all around the world. AA hold confidential free meetings for anyone struggling with addiction, at noon on Wednesdays and Fridays, 52 weeks per year. Our AA groups at St Jax are some of the largest in Montreal and are celebrating 45 years of care in our community!    

  • Anglican Diocese of Montreal and The Anglican Communion.  Our church family! The Anglican Church is a global movement of some 100 million Christians. Led in this region (Diocese) by our Bishop Mary Irwin-Gibson (whose husband Mark is also our Welcome Team Leader!) we are diverse group of 80+ churches who seek to faithfully follow our Lord Jesus Christ. Many of our traditions, policies and influences are nurtured by our deep Anglican heritage. We are also connected through to the Church of England and its Diocese of London within a learning partnership aimed at developing the City Centre Resource Church model, here in Canada.

  • Christian Direction.  This Montreal organization has a national vision to see God transform urban communities by the concerted actions of committed Christians. We have many personal and team connections to Christian Direction and are privileged to be part of the many networking and encouragement opportunities that Glenn, Curtis, Jenna and their teams are developing.    

  • City of MontréalThe borough of Ville-Marie presents a number of concerts at St Jax (20+ events per year).  Please see the link to the City's website for further details, times, entrances, etc.     

  • Concordia University.  Concordia University has been built up around nearly every side of St Jax and we welcome students and staff to our many activities. From time to time, study groups make use of our facilities for meetings, filming and so on.  Concordia students are hugely welcome at St Jax! 

  • Holy Trinity Brompton.  See above for our connections to the Anglican Communion, and particularly this home church of our Rector Graham & Celine Singh. HTB is the largest church in the Church of England and it is there where our main church planting model has been developed and applied in the re-opening of some 50+ historic churches around the London-UK area an the world! Click here to see more about HTB's Church Planting or here to see our launch from HTB's annual Focus festival.    

  • Innovation Jeunes.  The mission of Innovation Youth is to offer a community space for youth and families living in or frequently visiting downtown, opening up the possibilities of integration into academic, family, and social life. We are particularly thankful to Jenna and her amazing team of youth volunteers, for their stewarding of our gardens at St Jax. Come and see how we are part of a renewal of urban gardening and community building!  

  • McGill University.   We have a number of connections to this world class university on our doorstep, including via our United-Anglican Chaplaincy led by Rev Jean-Daniel Williams. McGill students are hugely welcome at St Jax!   

  • St James Literary Society.  In the winter of 1898 a small group of Montrealers met in the basement of St James the Apostle (now St Jax) and formed a society devoted to the intellectual improvement of its members by means of speeches, essays and debates on social, political and literary subjects. Ever since that time, the St James Society has held dozens of fascinating meetings and their history continues today. We at St Jax are delighted to have renewed their partnership with the St James Society and help to promote its many ongoing events.

  • St James Writer's Chapel.  An independent, non-profit organization, the Writers' Chapel Trust serves to remember, recognize and celebrate the writers of Canada 's past. Each autumn, the Trust installs a bronze plaque honouring an individual writer in our St Jax Writers' Chapel. Established in 2011, the roots of the Writers' Chapel Trust stretch back to an autumn afternoon two years earlier when a small, intimate group gathered at St. James the Apostle Anglican Church to unveil a plaque in honour of John Glassco. This was followed in 2010 with a plaque honouring A.J.M. Smith. In 2011, poet, professor and lawyer, F. R. Scott, was honoured and in 2012, Hugh MacLennan was honoured with a plaque. In 2013, Gwethalyn Graham, author of Earth and High Heaven was honoured and in 2014 a plaque was dedicated to honour Louis Hémon. In 2015, Mavis Gallant was honoured and in 2016, A. M. Klein will have a plaque installed in his honour. We at St Jax are delighted to have renewed their partnership with the St James Writer's Chapel and help to promote its many ongoing events.

  • Women Aware.  One of Quebec's leading charities in the area of violence against women.  

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Please note that while we celebrate our many partnerships, each of the organizations above has its own statements of vision and values, which are not necessarily identical to our own.