an exciting, new community of faith in Jesus Christ, right in the heart of downtown Montréal; a church with vibrant worship in English and French where bilingual families and individuals can celebrate God’s love, together; a church home where children are an integral part of every gathering, inspired by their parents and grandparents to grow in their faith... And now, imagine all that in a brand new community with a new formula, set within the re-opened doors of the 150+ year old Church of St James the Apostle on rue Sainte-Catherine. Our prayer is that God would build us into a modern, open place where all can come with their questions about life. 

Our vision

Our vision is to love Jesus, build community and transform lives. We hope to do this in active learning partnerships with friends from all parts of the church – evangelical, sacramental, charismatic and more. Led by Rev. Graham Singh and Céline Singh and a growing team of volunteers, we are particularly inspired by a new movement of church planting from London England and led by a church called Holy Trinity Brompton, home of Alpha. Alpha is a 10 week course including a meal, short talk and time for questions. We will be running Alpha regularly in both English and French.   If you are new to church, this will be an opportunity for you to see how Christians build a whole new community.
If you have been following the church from a distance, come and see how this new experience may help you connect with God.
And if you have been a follower of Jesus Christ for some time, perhaps you’ve been waiting for something like this to start? Perhaps you need this to boost your Christian experience. We need you!

Are you ready? We are ready to welcome you…
Sundays at 10 a.m.!

We recently launched in September -  Come and join us for this great celebration each Sunday, at 10 a.m.  Everyone is welcome! Children hugely welcome too!  

So join us! And if you can't join us, please support us in prayer!
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